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Halal (HMC)
Free Range & Organically Reared Chicken and Lamb

We love what we do!

Halal & Tayyib Foods was established in 2010 with an aim to bring about a positive change to the way we think about what we consume, especially with regards to the welfare of the meat that is widely available, such that it impacts our physical, spiritual, and mental health and well being.

Our Products

What’s in Store?

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Free Range

Our slower growing Free Range Chickens are reared in a healthy habitat, with access to open outdoor grass ranges and a GM free diet, allowing them to exhibit more natural behaviour.

Organically Reared Chicken

Our Organically Reared Chickens are certified organic till point of slaughter. These are a slower growing breed, free of any antibiotics and vaccinations reared in lower numbers on unfertilized open pastures.

Organically Reared Lamb

Our Organically Reared Lamb is pastured on organic land and reared in line with organic standards. Reared in a more environmentally conscious manner on principally organic feed and free of any antibiotics and vaccinations.


Word on the Street

My family are so happy we now have a regular supply of fresh halal free range chicken that are also HMC certified. I finally have confidence and a clear conscience with the chicken I'm buying! Thank you.

Fatima Hafeez

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