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Organically Reared Chicken

H&T Halal Organically Reared chickens are given an organic feed as opposed to the high-quality non-GM feed given to our Halal Free Range chickens. Organic birds must be farmed such that there is a plot rotation with every new batch of birds. They are not given any antibiotics nor any vaccines. Their grass ranges are not treated with any fertilizers or pesticides and certified to that effect.

Though these birds are certified organic, but unfortunately, due to current legislation we are not able to term these chickens as organic, as they are halal slaughtered without being electrocuted/stunned.. It is at that point they are technically no longer deemed organic, hence Organically Reared!

When we use the phrase Organically Reared we only mean certified Organic till point of slaughter.

Free Range Chicken

H&T Halal Free Range chickens have access to outdoor ranges where they grow more healthily and are able to exhibit more natural behaviour, whilst being given a quality non-genetically modified feed. 
We work with accredited catchers and haulers in an effort to ensure the highest welfare standards are met when moving our live birds each week.

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Organically Reared Lamb

Our Organically Reared Lambs are pastured on certified organic pastures and reared in line with organic standards. These can be read here in more detail. 
In brief the standards cover the food given to the animals and it's quality, the quality of space given to the animals to graze in, ensuring the abstinence of pesticides and harmful fertilisers. These standards also go on to  monitor the use of medicines and other items that improve the welfare and conditions throughout the life of the lambs to regulate and ensure higher welfare standards.

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