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H&T Organically Reared Chicken Feet

H&T Organically Reared Chicken Feet

H&T Organically Reared Chicken. These are fresh and not pre frozen. Perfect for borths and stock. HMC certified. UK Produce. Approx 500g


*Subject to availability each week. We are not always able to harvest as much or any at all some weeks due to various processing constraints. Should we be unable to make your order, we hope to update you as quickly as possible and allow you the choice of trying again in next week or requesting a refund. 

  • Nutritional Benefits

    The nutritional value of chicken feet is for two servings of chicken feet or 2 chicken feet (70 grams).

    • Calories: 150
    • Calcium: 5% of the Daily Value (DV)
    • Fat: 10 grams
    • Protein: 14 grams
    • Vitamin A: 2% of the DV
    • Carbs: 0.14 grams
    • Phosphorous: 5% of the DV
    • Folate (vitamin B9): 15% of the DV

    Chicken feet contain calcium, magnesium, sulfur, sodium, potassium, glucosamine, keratin and other minerals. It’s believed that drinking chicken feet broth can improve your immune system, boost metabolism, detox your liver, help with digestion and reduce inflammation.

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