We began this venture as we could see a problem with the welfare standards of the chickens being reared and introduced into the halal marketplace.


As we become increasingly aware of the need and benefit of living the ethos that is not only Halal but also Tayyib, let's break it down a little more for those who are still a little curious and require a little more convincing. 


In short, it's not just about having a greater regard for the animals in our care but it affects everything we do.


The increasing number of people now talking about this, and appear now to be cashing-in on this by pushing a somewhat loosely related product onto us, may be good in some ways, but have many missed to point almost entirely?


When Allah eludes to food in the Qur'an, He doesn't stop at mentioning that it should be halal but also mentions the word Tayyib. Tayyib is a broader term than most would initially assume.


Allah describes Himself as being Tayyib and only accepts that which is Tayyib.


The word Tayyib itself means to be good, pure, clean, wholesome, gentle, excellent, and lawful.


"O you who have believed, eat from the good things which We have provided for you and be grateful to Allah if it is [indeed] Him that you worship."


Qur'an 16:114


There are instances in the Qur'an Allah instructs us to eat Tayyib and not even mentioning Halal at all (2:172 & 23:51). This alludes to two things of the instances where He does choose to mention both Halal and Tayyib together, firstly the Tayyib is simply emphasizing Halal, or secondly that Tayyib has a deeper meaning.


It has been considered (التَّدَبُّرُ ) by some that Halal has a legal dimension, whereas Tayyib encompasses a spiritual one, effecting one God-consciousness (Taqwa).


If an animal has been cared for and looked after properly but has not been slaughtered in an appropriate manner it will not be deemed Halal at all. Whereas if an animal has been mistreated and not given its due rights but has been slaughtered in a manner that conforms to the guidance of Islam, though it may be deemed Halal, it will not be considered Tayyib. But is the meaning of the word confined to just welfare?


More to come...


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