Frequently Asked Questions:

Organic Vs Free Range

Both have access to open outdoor grass ranges, allowing them to exhibit more natural behaviour, free from the confined and stressed environments faced by chickens subject to standard chicken production.

Our free range chickens are reared on a quality GM free feed, whereas our organic birds are given a principally organic feed.

Though both have access to open grass ranges free from fertilizers, pesticides or insecticides, the ranges for our organic birds have to be certified to that effect.

There is a plot rotation of the grass ranges for every batch of new organic birds. All remaining litter is collected and taken to organic processing facilities to produce organic compost being part of the organic production cycle.

Both free range and organic birds live a longer healthier life. Fifty six and eighty three days respectively as a minimum.

Both are a much healthier and higher welfare alternatives to chicken produced through standard methods.

Method of Slaughter

We do not electrocute or stun prior to slaughter and our products are HMC certified to that effect.

Working with HMC also gives you a greater degree of traceability and confidence when buying.

Why 'Organically Reared?'

In short, because we slaughter without electrocution/stunning.

The following is a list of the eight organic certifying bodies in the UK, none of whom allow an animal to be slaughtered WITHOUT being electrocuted/stunned first, and deem the birds/animals no longer ‘organic,’ if they are. The result is a disregard on their part for the welfare standards maintained for those particular birds/animals entering the ‘halal’ market place and opening the way for further abuse by unscrupulous traders wanting to cash in.

• Organic farmers & Growers CIC

• Organic Food Federation

• Soil Association Certification Ltd

• Biodynamic Association Certification

• Irish Organic Association

• Organic Trust CLG

• Quality Welsh Food Certification Ltd

• OF&G (Scotland) Ltd

If you, like us, feel it is discriminatory on their part to not certify birds/animals killed without prior electrocution/stunning, than please write to them and let them know.

Are Products Fresh?

We take to slaughter every week. If your order is finalised by Sunday evening (mid-night), you should receive a fresh delivery before the weekend, iA.

How long does shipping take?

We typically take to slaughter once a week. Having prepared your order to your specifications, we then arrange for it to be shipped to you via an overnight courier, to be with you by Friday, iA.

How will it be packed?

Yes, all orders will be suitably chill packed, keeping the contents chilled for 48hrs.

Once orders are shipped out, couriers will notify you and allow you to track your order. On the day of the delivery you will be given updates as to when you may be receiving your delivery.

What are the P&P costs?

Packaging and courier cost is set to £9.00. All orders over the cost of £80 are free of charge.

Can i return something i'm not happy with?

We do our very best to ensure our product reaches you as fresh as possible. The thermal packaging used ensures the freshness of our product for a minimum of 48 hours.

However if you are still unsure about the product you have received, please freeze the items immediately and contact us directly. Returns can be arranged via any next day courier at the customer’s expense. Please ensure all packaging is retained and the icepacks are re-frozen. Repack items as they were received.

Should you fail to contact us within 24hrs of delivery, or dispose of the items you are wishing to return, unfortunately we cannot provide a refund.

We therefore reserve the right to request for products to be returned before issuing a refund or issuing a credit note.